Our beloved stalwart of Norwich’s ever-thriving alternative music scene, gives us his most definitive solo album to date. Not dissimilar to Daniel Johnston in output and innovation, “Getting Closer – Retaining The Soul By Numbers” is the magnum opus we’ve been waiting for (released on Tontena Records on 9th May 2011).

The four songs presented here, from a total of 17 that appear on the full album, reveal an unconventional, immediate and ceaselessly clever craftsman, brining to mind Syd Barrett, Frank Zappa and John Lennon. Always original and tricky-poppy, Shane’s album showcases a total of seventeen songs, each exhibiting his lyrical dexterity, acerbic observations and surprising song writing.
Shane has unselfishly supported Norwich talent for many years, through countless collaborations with local artists and over a decade of his regular Howlback Hum promotions at Norwich venues.
Now it’s time for Shane. We hope you enjoy his music.

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