Nine years after their last gig, My Favorite return to play their first gig since 2005 at the NYC Popfest.

My Favorite

The band will be joined by the likes of The Flatmates and Gold-Bears when they play at The Knitting Factory in New York during the 4 day NYC Popfest between May 29th-June 1st.

We were really proud to release a single by them all those years ago and felt genuinely gutted when the band decided to call it a day. You can see the video for the single we released below.

More details about the NYC Popfest can be found by visiting the official website.

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aCivilian - InventionThe aCivilian musical project, created by Norfolk’s Phil Critten, uses a bombastic array of sounds and cultural flavours to craft uniquely arresting indie rock songs. Citing a variety of influences, including Chet Baker, Tom Waits and Rage Against the Machine, Critten twists the clich├ęs of modern songwriting into compositions that are gritty, poetic, and hugely accessible. Continue reading

True Blood

BBC News has written an article about the US hit TV series featuring a track from the new Sennen album.

“Sennen have had a song from their latest album picked for a scene in the award-winning TV drama which is screened around the world. Top Hollywood music supervisor Gary Calamar, who has earned two Grammy Award nominations for his work on the show, has chosen Sennen’s SOS track.”

You can read the full article by clicking here.