Now available to order from our shop, Invention is the debut album by aCivilian.

aCivilian - InventionThe aCivilian musical project, created by Norfolk’s Phil Critten, uses a bombastic array of sounds and cultural flavours to craft uniquely arresting indie rock songs. Citing a variety of influences, including Chet Baker, Tom Waits and Rage Against the Machine, Critten twists the clich├ęs of modern songwriting into compositions that are gritty, poetic, and hugely accessible.

Here is a release that dazzles with its mad professor design. Critten is finally able to bring the fruits of his labour to music lovers’ ears. It enforces his status as an important emerging artist who dares to address some of the barriers we encounter in our individual emancipatory search, whilst remaining astute, humorous and big-hearted.

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